Core Features


Built on top of the proven ExifTool library.

Free and open source

MIT licensed so you can modify it to your liking.

Cross-platform application

Windows, Mac, Linux versions available.

Drag and Drop GUI

Quick and simple workflow for daily use.


Supports the most popular image formats.

M4A, MOV, QT, and MP4

Removes metadata from video files.

PDF support

Also removes metadata from PDF documents.


Process tens, hundreds, or even thousands of files at once.

Dark Mode

Automatically detects your operating system's dark mode setting to reduce eye strain. It will change back to day mode when your computer does.

Multi-Core Batch Processing

Exif read/write operations are asyncronously spawned to separate processes that automatically distribute across available CPU cores.

Drag and Drop

Drag any image onto the app window to begin processing and strip exif metadata. That's it!

User feedback

I used to have exif data all up in my images. Thanks to ExifCleaner, that is no longer the case!

Napolean Maximus

Napolean Maximus

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